Snippet Group Permissions

Set permissions on a Snippet Group so your Group Members have the access they need.

How to set Snippet Group permissions

A Snippet Group’s permissions come into play once the Group is shared with other TextExpander users.

Locate and set Snippet Group permissions:

  1. Navigate to your Snippet Group on, then choose Sharing along the top under the group name.
    If you are starting in the TextExpander app, open the Snippet Group Settings, then select the Share icon to be taken to Sharing on
  2. From Sharing, locate the “Default Permissions” section.

There are two levels of permissions for a Snippet Group

  • Admin: These users can set other Group Member’s permissions.
  • Edit: These users can edit the content of the Snippet in the Group.
  • Read-only: Members with no other permissions can expand the Snippets in the Group, but not edit them.

Tip: It’s advisable to set the default permissions of a group before you share it.

You can change an individual Member’s permissions once they have joined the Snippet Group.

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