Creating, Editing, Deleting Snippet Groups

TextExpander lets you organize your snippets into groups, import Snippet Groups from files and other apps, as well as add Snippet Groups from ready-made Public Groups.

Creating a new Snippet Group

To create a new Snippet Group, choose the New Group icon to the right of the search bar in your TextExpander app or choose File > New Group from the menu bar.

You can add Snippets to the group by choosing the New Snippet icon in the toolbar or choose File > New Snippet from the menu bar. You can also drag snippets from one group to another. See Creating, Editing, Deleting Snippets for more details on creating Snippets.

Add Snippet Group from file

You can add a Snippet Group from an existing group file using See Importing and Exporting Snippet Groups

Add Snippet Group from Public Groups

TextExpander offers many ready-made Snippet Groups which you can find and add to your library on the Public Groups page. See how to use them in Discover Ready Made Snippets in Public Groups.

Editing a Snippet Group

Settings can be set per Snippet Group, including application exclusion and expansion behavior. See Snippet Group Settings for more.For tips on organizing your snippets, see Organizing Snippets. To edit permissions, see Snippet Group Permissions.

Duplicate a Snippet Group

  1. To make a copy of a Snippet Group, select it in the app window.
  2. Choose File > Duplicate from the menu, or right-click on it.

Public Groups cannot be edited. If you want an editable version, duplicate the group and then delete the original group. The duplicate group will not be updated or synced from its original source.