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Millions of snippets expanded by companies such as:

Empower your teams

Share company knowledge

Share text and images so everyone can expand the right message whenever they need them. Update messaging in one place, and it syncs everywhere, so your entire team is always on the same page.

Do more with less

Store common customer responses, signatures, and even forms in TextExpander, and anyone on the team can access them with just a few keystrokes. Your team stops writing the same things over and over or copy/pasting and gets back to the important stuff.

Consistent and accurate communication

Keep your team consistent, accurate and current: spell-checked, proofread, and tweaked to perfection. Summon words by your best writers with a keyboard shortcut or a quick search.

Align your team

Keep your whole team communicating efficiently and with consistent language. Share your snippets of messages, signatures, and descriptions with everyone who needs access to it.

Automation meets personalization

Automate how your team replies to communications without losing their human touch. Team members can quickly call up dynamic text with a few keystrokes, then personalize it before sending.

The value adds up


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month by top users


Dollars saved per
employee per year


Working days
saved by our customers in 2022


expanded by our customers in 2022

Top users are top 10% of TextExpander customers. Numbers assume 50 WPM typing speed and an average salary of $30/hour.

Learn how SketchUp’s eight person technical support team saves more than 270 working days a year using TextExpander.

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When we have a new issue come up, we’re able to create a snippet and quickly share it so that everybody has the solution and our customers get a consistent response. Our team doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel every time a question arises like we did before—that knowledge is already there in TextExpander.

Ty Schalamon, technical support manager, SketchUp

Created for teams of all sizes

Scales with the needs of your business


SOC-2, GDPR, and CCPA compliant, so you can be at ease knowing that your data is safe and secure. TextExpander never stores or sends your keystrokes anywhere and TextExpander data is encrypted.

Team insights

Track your team’s TextExpander usage all in one dashboard. Use stats to understand your team’s usage and build reports by user, by snippet group, or filtered by teams.


With single sign on support, you can get your team on board and up to speed, fast. This means everyone spends less time in admin and more time doing what they’re here to do.

Customized Training

Work with a dedicated TextExpander Customer Success Manager to save time, increase efficiency, and boost your productivity with custom-tailored training for you and your team.

How text expansion
works with TextExpander


Create it

Collect your most commonly used emails, phrases, messages, URLs, and more to create snippets and templates in TextExpander that are always accessible with a quick search or abbreviation.


Share it

Give your team or different departments across your company access to the content they need to use every day.


Use it

Expand the content you need with just a few keystrokes or inline search on any device, across any app you use — no APIs or integrations needed.


Optimize it

Add customizations like fill-ins and optional sections to keep that human touch. Anytime you make changes to snippets they update everywhere so your team is always on the same page.

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Thanks for reaching out to learn about how to create a Snippet group; we can certainly help with that! I’ve included the instructions below for you. Let us know if you need anything else, and feel free to check out our learning center for more TextExpander tips!

Creating a New Snippet Group
To create a new Snippet Group, choose the New Group icon to the right of the search bar in your TextExpander app or choose File > New Group from the menu bar.

You can add Snippets to the group by choosing the New Snippet icon in the toolbar or choose File > New Snippet from the menu bar. You can also drag snippets from one group to another. See Creating, Editing, Deleting Snippets for more details on creating Snippets.

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