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Thanks for reaching out to learn about how to create a Snippet group; we can certainly help with that! I’ve included the instructions below for you. Let us know if you need anything else, and feel free to check out our learning center for more TextExpander tips!

Creating a New Snippet Group
To create a new Snippet Group, choose the New Group icon to the right of the search bar in your TextExpander app or choose File > New Group from the menu bar.

You can add Snippets to the group by choosing the New Snippet icon in the toolbar or choose File > New Snippet from the menu bar. You can also drag snippets from one group to another. See Creating, Editing, Deleting Snippets for more details on creating Snippets.
Great to hear from you! The best way to schedule a time to chat is via my Calendly Link. Feel free to select a 30 minute window that fits with your schedule and I look forward to speaking soon.
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