TextExpander for Healthcare Professionals

Don’t let clinical notes keep you from doing what you were trained to do.

TextExpander reduces the time spent on filling out pages and pages of forms.

Trusted by medical professionals at hundreds of companies

Data from actual medical professionals using TextExpander daily


working days saved by TextExpander users in healthcare


snippets expanded by medical professionals


hrs. saved on average per healthcare professional in the past year


Dollars saved per employee per year

Top users are top 10% of TextExpander customers. Numbers assume 50 WPM typing speed and an average salary of $30/hour.

I like TextExpander for its efficiency – every keystroke saved, is time saved, which means I can do my job longer and see more children.

Dr. Melanie Hsu, Clinical Program Manager & Licensed Psychologist , Children’s Health Council

More knowledge sharing, less mistakes

Update your team on industry or regulatory changes in one spot so everyone has access to the most up-to-date and accurate information in moments.

Accelerate new team onboarding

Get new clinicians up to speed quickly — access ready-to-use templated patient notes and medical codes, minimizing the learning curve and ensuring productivity from the start.

Speed up patient communication

Say goodbye to repetitive note-taking and responses — save common patient responses so team members can quickly access them with a few keystrokes.

Made for Healthcare Professionals organizations like yours

Centralized knowledge base

Build and manage your own custom library of medical and terminology.

Document knowledge with ease

Reduce the time spent retyping the same things and get back to what you love — taking care of patients.

Accessible anywhere you type

Work on any device, within any EMR, patient management system, or billing software.

Maintain patient privacy

Enterprise-grade security keeps your sensitive information secure and confidential.

All the admin work without the burnout

Eliminate repetition and get back to treating patients with TextExpander. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.

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