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15 Customer Service Goals for 2024 Performance Reviews

Learn the art of setting customer service goals that elevate your team and create happy and loyal customers. Dive into SMART goals, KPIs, and strategies that make a difference.

What is Customer Service Operations & Why It Matters in 2024

Customer service operations is a growing field built to manage the strategic and day-to-day tasks of customer service so that customer support teams can focus on better assisting customers. Once seen as only a cost center, savvy business leaders now recognize that customer service operations play a vital role in ensuring business growth, customer satisfaction,…

AI vs. Human Agents: Finding the Right Balance

With artificial intelligence (AI), dominating every industry in recent years, we’ve seen businesses adapt rapidly to augment and optimize operations and communications—bridging the gap between them and their customers, especially in the customer service industry. You’ve probably already heard of AI, such as ChatGPT. Some people might think AI is some kind of massive robotic…

The Best Medical Dictation Software According to Reddit

Medical dictation software has become a key tool for practitioners overwhelmed with medical documentation. On average, physicians spend 1-2 hours per day on documentation, which either takes time away from patient interactions or increases their overall workload, contributing to burnout. Over 90% of physicians suffer from burnout and 57% cite excessive documentation as a leading…

What Is Practice Management Software?

Practice management software helps healthcare providers streamline administrative tasks like appointment scheduling, billing, and patient management to run their practices more efficiently and spend more time on patient care quality. Effective practice management software helps healthcare organizations: If you want to improve the efficiency of your practice, consider TextExpander to automate medical documentation so you…

Call Center Productivity: Proven Tips and Strategies

Unlock the full potential of your call center with our expert tips on increasing productivity. From technology to team management, we’ve got you covered.