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Good Customer Service: How to Get It

Good customer service: how do you get it in 2023? Start by understanding that good customer service is harder than ever.

6 Tips to Align Sales and Customer Service Teams in 2023

Sales and customer service teams should go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like surfboards and waves. Like cute puppies and Instagram Stories. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. These departments often work in silos, which not only pits sales teams and support teams against each other but harms the customer experience. It’s a serious problem—one that…

Amazon Leadership Principles: The Best Service Is No Service

The first Amazon Leadership Principle is “customer obsession,” but how the company achieves that principle may surprise you. In early 1999, Bill Price sat across from Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Amazon, then still a fledgling startup, was looking for its first Vice President of Global Customer Service. Bezos asked a simple question: “What…

Stop Saying Sorry!

Why and how to stop saying sorry all the time. Learn alternatives to empty apologies and how TextExpander can help you break bad habits.

Call Center Productivity: Proven Tips and Strategies

Unlock the full potential of your call center with our expert tips on increasing productivity. From technology to team management, we’ve got you covered.