Repetitive typing is holding you back

You’re losing precious hours every day typing the same things, copying and pasting from shared docs, and coordinating accurate and compliant messaging with your team.

Learn how TextExpander can help you save up to an hour a day.

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Make customer connections count

Empower your team to communicate with accurate, consistent, and personalized responses that delight customers and win hearts.

Use in any app, wherever you work

Access your library anywhere you type – on any website, in any app, on any device, online or offline.

Automation without losing the human touch

Access a library of responses to get back to customers quickly with what they’re looking for, then customize it on the fly to connect with them on a personal level.

You + your team

Keep the whole team on the same page with access to a shared library of text snippets so you never have to worry about errors or compliance issues.

Safe & secure

Your data, your customers’ data, and your communications are always private, secure, and encrypted to keep it safe.

Document with confidence

Meet compliance requirements with ease and streamline communication with accurate and personalized administrative notes.

Sync your repetitive tasks no matter where you’re working

Create your library once, and access it on any device, any platform to take notes and manage repetitive administrative tasks whenever you need to.

Align with compliance without losing customization

Access a library of content to take notes quickly then customize it on the fly to personalize and diversify documentation.

Extend to your team

Create a pre-approved library of content that aligns with regulatory compliance and is accessible anywhere to make repetitive documentation and admin work a breeze.

Private & secure

Rest assured, your data, documentation, and communication are safeguarded with encryption, ensuring privacy and security.

Grows as your team grows

Drive your team’s growth with reliable and effective automation powered by scalable, enterprise-level features & support.

Corporate team collaboration

Keep the whole team on track with one set of communications that can be controlled at the management level so your team gets it right everytime.

Enterprise-level safeguards

Enterprise-level security keeps your company’s data, documentation, and communication shielded by state-of-the-art encryption, providing top-tier privacy.

Scalable team management, organization, and permissions

Gain more granular control over who has access to various content map your users to specific teams automatically to get them access whenever they need it.

Faster onboarding

Get your team on board and up to speed, fast. New employees get access to what they need, so they spend less time ramping and hit the ground running quickly.

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Maximize your team’s efficiency and bottom line


Hours saved per month by top users


Dollars saved per employee per year


Working days saved by our customers in 2022


Snippets expanded by our customers in 2022

Top users are top 10% of TextExpander customers. Numbers assume 50WPM typing speed and an average salary of $30/hour.

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TextExpander helps our team customize frequently used content which helps us with improved efficiency, less repetition for team members, and a better customer experience through faster reply times.

Tyler Bailey, Sr. Director of Trust & Safety Ops, Thumbtack

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Type with the power of snippets

Snippets are the building blocks of TextExpander. They are a combination of the content you want to use and the abbreviation you type to use it.

Fill in the blanks

Even templated emails need the occasional customization. TextExpander lets you add personalization prompts to your snippets, so you’ll never send an email with Dear [NAME] again.

Nested snippets

Nested Snippets prevent you from needing to update commonly used information across hundreds of snippets.

Customize with colors, images, and hyperlinks

Customize your Snippets with Images, fonts, and custom colors – or have TextExpander match the destination formatting when it expands a Snippet.

It’s about time

Quickly insert the date anywhere. Add future due dates to your invoices and current dates to your file names, all without picking up a calendar. With date/time math, you can add or subtract years, months, days, hours, minutes, or seconds from the current date and time.

Advanced coding functions

TextExpander can invoke multi-platform JavaScript, AppleScript, and shell scripts. Programmers can also create editor-independent code templates.

Never forget a snippet with inline search

Inline Seach is a magical tool that allows you to search for any of your Snippet titles, abbreviations, or even expansion content. If you remember something about the Snippet, Inline Search will find it!

Enterprise-grade Security to keep your data safe

From SOC3 to GDPR, TextExpander is compliant, reliable, and encrypted.

For the security conscious teams out there, be at ease that your data is safe and secure.

Read more about TextExpander security

Even better with a team

See what our customers say about us

It took 12 hours to get through a day’s support requests before TextExpander. Now I handle 100 tickets in less than five hours.

Abdelhamid Fakhri, Happiness Contractor, Automattic

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Powerful solutions for your role

More features to optimize your experience

  • Available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese
  • System-wide spelling correction in multiple languages
  • Group snippets and print by group
  • Reminders to use your snippets and suggestions as you type
  • Automatically insert clipboard content in a snippet
  • Built-in HTML, CSS, auto-correct, accented words, symbols, emoji snippet groups
  • Shorten long URLs automatically (Internet Productivity snippet group)
  • Import data from other type expansion apps
  • Import and export snippet group files

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