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Code faster with fewer errors. Access a collection of code that you can publish instantly using keyboard shortcuts.

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Top users are top 10% of TextExpander customers. Numbers assume 50 WPM typing speed and an average salary of $30/hour.

Write More Code With Less Typing

Save your commonly-used pieces of code in your team’s snippet library and use them in any development environment with just a few keystrokes. Keep the whole team consistent with no need for copy-pasting or repetitive typing.

Add Consistent Documentation With Ease

Spend less time on documentation and ensure consistent comments. Simply type a short abbreviation to insert a full comment or add comments inside your code snippets to avoid the need to add any documentation at all.

Spend Less Time Updating Others

Emails to clients, internal project updates, standardized bug-fix reports, and any other written communication gets easier with TextExpander. Use your common messages from your snippet library so you can spend more of your time on actual development.

Test and Demo In Record Time

Stop typing in text fields as you test or demo your software. From generating random email addresses to completing entire forms with one abbreviation, TextExpander can end the annoying repetition.

Made for Software Development organizations like yours

Accurate every time

Eliminate typos in a world where every character counts.

Consistency + flexibility

Access a shared library of snippets and edit them on the fly.

Works everywhere

Any development environment, any application – use TextExpander everywhere you type.

Your data Is secure

TextExpander is SOC-2 GDPR, and CCPA compliant, so your team's data is safe and secure.

Code More, Type Less

Eliminate repetition and build software more easily with TextExpander. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.

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