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Getting Started

Some pointers to start you on your Snippet-expanding journey.

Getting Started

The Getting Started Guide

First-timers start here.

TextExpander for Admins

Getting started for Admins

Start here if you are managing a team of users.

TextExpander Success Hub

Success Hub

Let our TextExpander Customer Success Experts show you the best practices for setting up and maintaining TextExpander


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Discover Snippets in Public Groups

TextExpander offers many ready-made Snippets for you to use, right away. Try one of these, or browse the whole collection.

Snippet Template


Some tips on setting up emails, including some macros. Examples of how to embed/nest snippets inside each other for convenience.

Snippet Template


Here are some examples of different ways to use date macros to create date snippets.

Snippet Template


Group of the top links you use for work, website and social media links.

Snippet Template


A few snippet ideas for a support agent.



correctnes correctness



⇧ ⌘ ♥ £ ¥


Text Utilities

hi HI



😁 🎉 👋

What’s New in TextExpander

See the latest features, bug fixes, and release notes.

What's New in TextExpander 7: Download the Public Beta Now

The TextExpander 7 public beta is now available to download! The TextExpander team at Smile have been working hard to revamp TextExpander, unveiling a new design and highly-requested features. You can download the TextExpander 7 public beta now and start using it today. Here’s how: 3 Things to Know About the TextExpander 7 Public Beta...

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