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TextExpander works where you need to be most productive

We know that you’re constantly shifting between email clients, internal chat tools, and your most important apps.

That’s why we made sure TextExpander works everywhere so that your most important snippets are always available.

With your TextExpander user account, anyone on your team can access snippets from any device, within any product. Yes, any product.

We’ve included some of the most common tools below that our users love using with TextExpander. Even if your favorite app isn’t included below, contact our team so we can show you how easy it is to quickly set up TextExpander and start boosting your productivity.


Whether you’re responding to tickets in your help desk software or engaging with customers over chat, TextExpander can help you resolve customer requests quickly and consistently.


Using text snippets, document templates, and TextExpander’s shareable knowledge base tools can boost your team’s productivity and reduce administrative work.



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