TextExpander for Marketing

One team, one voice, total efficiency

Build a library of standardized copy and boilerplate text, ensuring your team stays accurate and consistent with easy-to-use shortcuts.

Millions of snippets expanded by marketing teams

Data from actual marketing customers


Hours saved on average by top marketers


Dollars saved per employee per year


Minutes saved by marketers every year


Snippets expanded by our customers every year

Top users are top 10% of TextExpander customers. Numbers assume 50 WPM typing speed and an average salary of $30/hour.

Give your team knowledge at their fingertips

Get information out of silos and into the hands of everyone that needs to use it. Share knowledge across departments so everyone sends a unified message and nobody spends time reinventing the wheel.

Consistent and accurate communication

Keep your team consistent, accurate and current: spell-checked, proofread, and tweaked to perfection. Summon words by your best writers with a keyboard shortcut or a quick search.

Onboard new team members with ease

Get new team members up to speed and keep the whole team on track with access to a shared library of text snippets and personalize them on the fly.

Automate without losing the human touch

Automate how your team replies to communications without losing their human touch. Team members can quickly call up and personalize dynamic text with a few keystrokes before sending.

Made for Marketing organizations like yours

Centralized knowledge base

Build and manage a library of common boilerplate messaging your team can access in just a few keystrokes.

Your data is secure

Enterprise-grade security keeps your sensitive information secure and confidential.

Use anywhere you type

Work on any device, within any marketing automation software, CRM, or email platform.

You're in control

Manage team templates and give access to team members that need it to quickly on- and off-board employees.

Keep your team on the same page

Save your marketing team time and reduces errors by providing quick access to consistent, pre-approved, and on-brand content.

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