Maximizing Productivity

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Using TextExpander to Avoid Negative Words and Terms

Saved to Drive We’re going to start this post with a thought exercise. Take a moment to think about this: when writing, how often do you use negative words or phrases? Avoiding negative words and phrases is a challenge, but knowledge activation tools like TextExpander make it easier. There’s a lot of talk about being…

Optimizing Your Daily Routine With TextExpander

TextExpander can help you optimize your daily routine, with Snippets to make each stage of your day simpler.

How To Quickly Apply for Jobs Using TextExpander

Filling out application forms, creating CVs, and writing emails gets tiring fast. Here’s how to quickly apply for jobs using TextExpander.

How To Do Nothing and Why You Should Try It

Here are our takeaways from Celeste Headlee’s “Do Nothing” book on reclaiming leisure time to become happier, healthier, and more productive.

How the 80/20 Rule Applies to TextExpander

The 80/20 Rule ​recognizes that often the relationship between our efforts and our rewards is not equal. Today, we’re exploring ways to use TextExpander so that you can spend 20% of the time you currently use to write 80% of your day-to-day typing.

Civility in the Workplace: Why It Pays To Be Nice

We can increase civility in the workplace by becoming more civil ourselves. Here’s how to be kinder to your coworkers.

​​Our Top 5 Distraction Reduction Techniques

Reducing distractions is vital for staying focused, boosting your productivity, and getting work done. If you’re looking for ways to stay on track and kick distractions to the curb, this post is for you.

How TextExpander Can Support Workers With ADHD

Looking for tools to help your workers with ADHD? TextExpander might be the answer. Here’s how to maintain focus and stay on task with the help of TextExpander.

Open Library Series: Rex Mann’s Powerful Snippets

Rex Mann is our next guest in the Open Library Series, where we interview TextExpander experts about their Snippets.