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How To Write Medical Progress Notes Faster

Medical progress notes are essential, but writing them is tedious and time-consuming. Here’s how to complete them faster.

How To: Import / Export Groups on TextExpander.com

Import/export on TextExpander.com benefits users of TextExpander for Chrome, macOS, and Windows. To import snippets: The Import tab is selected, and you can click Choose Files or drag your files to the dotted line box to import them. TextExpander.com supports importing TextExpander files (.textexpander) and comma-separated value (.csv) files. If you want to make a…

How to Write Therapy Notes Quickly in 2023

Therapy progress notes are essential in private practice, but writing them is tedious and time-consuming. Here’s how to complete them faster.

Introducing the New TextExpander for Google Chrome

The new TextExpander for Google Chrome now has everything you’ve come to expect from TextExpander: edit Snippets, work with teams and more.

The Abbreviation Prefixes TextExpander Experts Use

A common point of debate among TextExpander users is how to name Snippet abbreviations—the text you type to expand the Snippet. When creating abbreviations, you want to make them: For example, if you have a Snippet to respond to an angry customer email, angry would be a poor choice of abbreviation since it would expand…

Master TextExpander Fill-ins with Our Upcoming Webinar

We’ve launched a new webinar series called Feature Spotlights that will run every couple of weeks, and the next one is coming up fast. The webinar will be on April 6, 2023 at 12 pm CDT and will cover using Fill-ins, which let you create customizable Snippets with: Check out a video of how Fill-ins…

Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT with TextExpander 

Prompt engineering secrets to maximize ChatGPT for better writing. Summarize and break down scenes, automatically grade assignments, and more.