Automatically Convert your Spellings Between British and American English

One language, two types of spelling. All thanks to colonies, geography and a few hundred years of linguistic drift.

It’s easy to get caught out by the differences between American English and British English, whether you’re writing for clients overseas, submitting to an international journal or trying to keep a brand’s tone consistent.

If you want to sound like you’re from a specific side of the pond, TextExpander can help. When you accidentally type ‘favorite’ to your UK client – pop! – the alternate spelling, ‘favourite’, will appear.

How it Works

The easiest way to use this snippet group is to decide which applications and browsers you’d like to use for local language, and which to use for international writing.

For example, select Byword, and Safari for local language and disable groups from these apps. Your remaining applications and browsers will convert your spellings, so you can use those for international writing.

You also have to option to turn off groups in iOS, you can do so from that group’s setting.

The Snippet Group: American English to British English

Join this snippet group to convert American English spelling to British spelling.

The Snippet Group: British English to American English

Join this snippet group to convert British English spelling to American English spelling.

For You and Your Teams, Across the Globe

Don’t forget, you can use British/American spelling snippet groups to keep your colleagues’ spelling consistent, no matter where they’re based.

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