TextExpander for Operations

Say Goodbye to Repetitive Admin Work

Instantly arm your entire back office with common templates, repetitive messaging, and other critical contract details that can be used with just a few keyboard shortcuts.

Millions of snippets expanded by back-office teams

Data from actual back office teams


Hours saved per month by top users


Dollars saved per employee per year


Working days saved by our customers


Snippets expanded by our customers every year

Top users are top 10% of TextExpander customers. Numbers assume 50 WPM typing speed and an average salary of $30/hour.

Seamless collaboration with your team

From responding to common questions to reusing repetitive language, enable anyone on your team to do more with snippets shared across your whole team.

Make admin tasks a breeze

Help team members complete common administrative work with shared access to snippets, templates, and fill-ins.

Take back time with text templates

In just a few keystrokes, access anything from common messaging or email signatures to entire documents or contracts.

Improve onboarding, reduce burnout

Everyone can access ready-to-use templates from Day 1, reducing the learning curve and improving productivity.

Made for Operations organizations like yours

Centralized knowledge base

Build and manage your own custom library of medical and terminology.

Your data is secure

TextExpander is SOC-2 GDPR, and CCPA compliant, so your team's data is safe and secure.

Accessible anywhere

Whether you’re editing a Word document or responding to an email, TextExpander works everywhere.

Avoid critical mistakes

Generate new documents from tempaltes and use fill-ins to include critical client information on the fly.

All the admin work without the burnout

Eliminate repetition and get back to helping customers with TextExpander. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.

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