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Getting Started For Admins

Setting up a company TextExpander account means setting up a TextExpander Organization so that you can easily manage your Organization members, Snippets, user data, billing, and account settings.

As an Admin of your team’s TextExpander account, you’ll need to set the stage for the rest of your Organization members to come on board.

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Key Topics

The following are both the key concepts you need to understand, and the steps you’ll need to take to set up your TextExpander Organization.

  1. Setting up your TextExpander Organization
    1. Creating a TextExpander for Teams account
    2. Adding and managing Members
    3. Adding and managing Snippet Groups
    4. Setting Member Permissions for all the levels of your Organization:
    5. Sharing Snippets with Members
    6. Using Teams to gather Members and their Snippet Groups together
      • Tip: If you have more than one department on TextExpander, or you just need more ways to organize your Snippets, Teams are a great way to do so
  2. Managing Billing
  3. Viewing Usage Statistics
    • Tip: use reports and statistics to see how your Members are using TextExpander
  4. Navigating TextExpander
    • Understand how TextExpander is structured