Getting Around TextExpander

TextExpander main window navigation

a. Snippet Groups list. View all your Snippets, organized into Groups. Create a new Group with the button the top.

b. Shared Snippet Groups appear in the “Shared” category. Snippets personal to you appear at the very top under “Personal”. Snippet Groups shared and managed by a TextExpander for Teams account appear under “Organization“.

c. Public Groups are ready-made Snippets available to everyone, and appear under “Public”. Find a Public Group by selecting the “+” inline with “Public”.

d. Your Profile opens your Settings, including:

e. Search for Snippets. You can also search while not in the app, using inline search or the Quick Actions menu.

f. Snippets List within a Snippet Group. Add a new Snippet using the “+” button at the top.

g. Snippet Group Settings. Select the cog button to open Snippet Group Settings in order to edit the Group’s name, add Notes, Share the Group and more.

h. Snippet Editor, where you add and edit the content of a Snippet.

i. Conflicting Snippet abbreviations appear in the Conflicts list. Select the “Fix abbreviation conflict” button to open the list and fix any Snippets which are interfering with the current Snippet.

j. There are several Actions you can perform on a Snippet including:

  • Duplicate the current Snippet to make a copy.
  • Preview how the Snippet will appear when expanded. Helpful when creating Snippets with advanced elements, such as fillable fields and current dates.
  • Move the Snippet to another Snippet Group.
  • Delete the Snippet

k. Pick a Content type for the Snippet, whether it needs formatted text and pictures or scripts.

l. The Editing bar contains tools to add advanced elements to your Snippet, such as dates, times, fill-in-the-blank form fields, and more.

m. Snippet Content. Type or copy/paste the content you want to expand into this field.

n. Label a Snippet with a description.

o. The Abbreviation field is where you put the series of characters you’ll type to cause your Snippet to expand. Organize your Snippets by selecting an abbreviation scheme.

p. Set a Case Sensitivity so that your Snippet adapts to the casing you want once expanded. Works best for Snippet which are single words.