Snippet Group Settings

Snippet Group Settings

To access a Snippet Group’s settings, select it in the Snippet Group list on the left. Then choose the Settings cog to the right of the Snippet Group name, at the top of the Snippet list.

  • Name: Rename the Snippet Group. If it is a shared group and you do not have edit permissions you will not be able to edit the group name.
  • Notes: A description of the Snippet Group and the intended use of its snippets. Useful for a shared Snippet Group.
  • Expand in: You can disable TextExpander to prevent it from working in specific applications. The default is set in TextExpander > Preferences > Expansion, but you can customize which applications work with specific TextExpander Snippet Groups. The options are:
    • All Applications. Enable the snippets in the group to expand in all apps on your computer. This overrides any exclusions set in the Preferences.
    • All Applications, Except… Select a few apps to exclude from expanding this group’s snippets.
    • Only These Applications… Specify the only apps this group’s snippets can expand in.
    • No Applications (Disable). This group’s snippets are essentially turned off, and will not work in any application.
  • Expand When: Expansion options are set on a per-group basis. They determine whether an abbreviation will expand when it is typed directly after a blank space or another character. For example, you may not want a group of autocorrect snippets to expand if typed right next to another character, because it might expand in the middle of a word you deliberately typed. Set this Snippet Group to Whitespace. Words you type right after a parenthesis will need to be able to expand next to punctuation, but not necessarily next to other letters. Set this Snippet Group to All but letters and numbers.
  • Share / Sharing: Use this button to open the share settings on the web so that you can share your Snippet Group with other TextExpander users. If you do not have the permission level to edit the Snippet Group, you can only view the settings.
  • Prefix: Specify a character or a few characters to be typed as the first part of the abbreviation for every snippet in the group. Learn more about how to use Group prefixes.
  • Group Settings icons: On the top right of your Group Settings, you’ll see a series of buttons for different actions. They allow you to:
    • Add Snippet
    • Share Snippet Group
    • Delete Snippet Group
    • Close Group Settings

How to turn a Snippet Group on or off

Normally all Snippets are “on” and ready to use. If you want to turn certain Snippet Groups off:

  1. Use the “Expand In” setting mentioned above, and set it to “Expand in: No Application”. This allows you to keep a Snippet Group for later, even if it’s not currently in use.