Enabling and Disabling TextExpander Expansion

How to Enable and Disable TextExpander

Occasionally, you might want to disable TextExpander temporarily, when you don’t want your Snippet expansions to occur. You can do this by clicking on the TextExpander icon in the Windows system tray, Mac menu bar, or to the right of the Chrome Omnibox, and then clicking Disable Expansion. To enable TextExpander again, click again on the icon and then click Enable Expansion.

You can also accomplish this easily by assigning a hotkey for Enable/Disable TextExpander.

To stop the expansion of a single snippet:

  1. Type part of your abbreviation.
  2. Use the arrow key to arrow back one character then forward.
  3. Finish typing your abbreviation.

Using the arrow keys prevents TextExpander from recognizing your abbreviation and won’t expand it.


  1. Click on the TextExpander icon in the upper right of the Chrome browser.
  2. Select the cog/gear to open Options.
  3. The top option should say “Disable Expansion” (This indicates that TextExpander is enabled, if it says “Enable Expansion”, you’ll want to click on it to Enable)

Tip: Shift-reload the page by pressing the shift key and clicking reload.