Adding and Editing Snippets on iPad and iPhone

Snippet Anatomy

A snippet consists of three parts.

  • Abbreviation: shortcut or text typed to cause the expansion
  • Content: the text which expands to replace the abbreviation
  • Label (optional): appears as a short snippet description in the Snippet Group list, and is a way to more easily identify the snippet, especially if you are sharing it with others

Tap on a snippet to view, copy, or edit it.

Tap the arrow in the lower right or swipe left to view a preview of the expanded snippet. Swipe right to exit.

Edit the abbreviation, content or label by tapping in that field. Tap Done to finish.

Adding a Snippet

  1. Tap Groups.
  2. Tap on a Snippet Group to view its snippets.
  3. Tap + at the bottom of the snippet list. A new blank snippet will appear.
  4. Type an abbreviation in the Abbreviation area at the bottom. Add or paste the snippet content into the Content area just above.
  5. Tap Done.

Test the snippet in the notes screen.

  1. Back out of the screens by tapping < or swiping right until you see Notes in the menubar, then tap it.
  2. Type the abbreviation and watch the snippet expand.

Moving a Snippet to Another Snippet Group

  1. Open a Snippet Group and tap on a snippet.
  2. Tap the Organize folder in the middle of the toolbar. A list of all Snippet Groups will appear.
  3. Tap on a Snippet Group.

Editing a Snippet

  1. Tap on a snippet from the Snippet Groups list.
  2. Once it opens, tap on a field and start typing.

To see a preview of how the snippet will look once expanded, tap the arrow in the lower right or swipe to left. To return, tap the arrow in the upper left or swipe right.


Shake the device. A menu will popup offering undo or redo.

Deleting a Snippet

  1. Open a Snippet Group by tapping on it.
  2. Tap Edit, tap the red minus (-) next to the snippet, then tap Delete.
  3. Tap Done.

Alternately, swipe left across the snippet, then tap Delete.

What Makes a Good Abbreviation?

  • short
  • easy to remember
  • unlikely to be typed by accident
  • unique


  • aaddr
  • eemail
  • xsig

Formatting Text

Format the text of a snippet, or note, using the edit menu.

  1. Select some text by double tapping on a word.
  2. Use the editing bar at the top of the snippet editor to:
    • change font
    • change font size
    • change font color
    • right, middle or left justify text
    • bold, italicize and underline text

The next row of the editing bar is for inserting macros, such as the date, time, and more. See Advanced Features.

Conflicting Snippets

When two snippet abbreviations conflict they appear in blue or orange as a warning. Two abbreviations will conflict if they have the same abbreviation but different content, or if two abbreviations are so similar as to prevent one from ever expanding.

  • Blue: The abbreviation and content of two snippets are exactly the same. They are duplicates and will both expand.
  • Orange: If two or more snippet abbreviations are too similar, they will conflict. This will prevent one of the snippets from expanding.

Fix the conflict:

  1. Tap on the blue or orange bubble inline with the snippet. A menu will show the conflicting snippet(s).
  2. Tap the conflicting snippet to delete it or clear its abbreviation.