Adjusting App Appearance

Display font for plain text Snippets

Select the font for the appearance of your plain text snippets in the TextExpander window. When the snippet expands, it will take on the formatting of the text around it, regardless of how it is displayed in TextExpander.

Default font for formatted text Snippets

Set the font your formatted text snippets start with. This is the font style the snippet will expand with.

Show TextExpander in menu bar (Mac-only)

Check this option if you want the TextExpander icon to show in the menu bar.

Hide TextExpander icon in Dock (Mac-only)

Check this option if you don’t want TextExpander to appear in the Dock or in the task switcher.

Note: If you opt to hide the TextExpander icon in the Dock, that will also hide the TextExpander main menu from view. You can still access TextExpander by choosing Open TextExpander from the TextExpander menubar icon, using the Open TextExpander hotkey, or double-clicking the TextExpander application icon in the Finder.