Single-Line Fill-In

To create a Single Line Field, follow the below steps –

How to create a Single Line Field

  1. Open/create a Snippet
  2. In the Snippet Editing Bar, select the Fill-ins button as shown here
  3. Once you select the Fill-ins button, a drop-down menu will appear. From there, select “Single Line Field”
  4. Once selected, you will have the option to name the Fill-in, add a default value, and customize the maximum width of the Snippet (by the number of characters it can contain)
  5. Select “OK” and your Fill-in is now inserted into your Snippet!


  • If you want the value within the Single Line Field to be repeated elsewhere in your Snippet (i.e. you want to type a name once and have it reflected elsewhere in your email), you can do so by ensuring that the Single Line Field Fill-ins all have the same name.
  • You can also pre-fill the field with the date and time if needed.
  • Once you create a Fill-in, you can double-click it in your content to make quick changes
  • Fill-ins are copy/pastable! This means you can select a Fill-in, and press the “copy” hotkey ( ⌘ + C on MacOS, Ctrl + C on Windows), then press the “paste” hotkey ( ⌘ + V or Ctrl + C) to paste it elsewhere in the Snippet.