Using TextExpander Overview

TextExpander is a tool that saves you time by using short text that we call abbreviations. Those abbreviations transform into either long or repetitive texts called Snippets. Instead of having to search and copy old emails or notes, you’ll just type an abbreviation instead to instantly access what you need.

Think of TextExpander as copy and paste on steroids!

With TextExpander, individuals are able to save time when emailing distant families. Customer Support professionals send accurate and consistent help quickly and Engineers can easily store repetitive code.

Let’s say you often share your email address and you want to do so quickly:

  1. Create a new Snippet in TextExpander.
  2. Type the abbreviation you’ve pared with your Snippet, where you’d normally type your email address. An example of an abbreviation is ;em
  3. Once you type ;em, your email address will expand in it’s place!