Unsubscribe or Reduce Email Frequency

Our TextExpander team loves sharing the ways you and your Organization are saving time and sharing resources with each other. If you find that you are seeing a little too much of this, the following steps should help.

  1. Log in to your account at www.textexpander.com
  2. Click on the three dots to the right-hand side of your name in the upper left-hand corner of TextExpander.com. 
  3. Select the option for “Emails.”
  4. From the Emails page, you will have a section for Notifications.
    1. If you are an Administrator you will have the option to disable the following types of emails:
      1. Weekly User Activity Report
      2. TextExpander User Tips
      3. TextExpander Organization Admin Tips
      4. TextExpander Organization Admin Weekly Report
    2. If you are not an Administrator, you will have the following options:
      1. Weekly User Activity Report
      2. TextExpander User Tips

There are a few items that you will not be able to unsubscribe from:

  1. Monthly Reports for Organization Admins
  2. Billing Notices
  3. Renewal Notices
  4. Terms and Conditions Notices