Expanding Case Sensitive Snippets

How to Use Case Sensitivity to Avoid Accidental Expansions

TextExpander abbreviations can be case sensitive. This means typing “Abb” is not the same as typing “abb,” unless you want them be.

There are three options:

  • Case Sensitive (aB, Ab, ab, AB differ)
    Example: “YT” expands to “Yours Truly” whereas “yt” does not
  • Ignore Case (aB, Ab, ab, AB same)
    Example: either “YT” or “yt” expands to “Yours Truly”
  • Adapt Snippet to Case of Abbreviation
    Example: “Yt” expands to “Yours truly” and “yt” expands to “yours truly”

A default case sensitivity is set in Preferences, which can be found by selecting your name/email address in the lower lefthand corner of the TextExpander app. Then within Preferences, select the Expansion tab. Scroll down to the section titled “When Creating New Snippets” and edit the Default Case Sensitivity.

You can also switch the case sensitivity setting on individual snippets by clicking the drop-down at the bottom of the Snippet editor, near the Abbreviation box.