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Using Abbreviation Prefixes To Organize Snippet Groups

What are Snippet Group prefixes?

Pick a few letters or special characters to start out each abbreviation in a Snippet Group. This will help keep the abbreviations orderly and should help you remember where to look for the Snippet. Pair the prefix to the topic of the Snippet Group.

How to set a Snippet Group prefix:

  1. Open the Group Settings of the group you want to add a prefix to. From the Mac or Windows apps, click on the name of a snippet group from the Groups list, then the cog at the top of the Snippets list.
    From iOS, click on the Info button in line with the name of the group. From the web, open a group to the Settings tab.
  2. Type in a group prefix. If it is a shared group, you will also see an option to enter a group prefix just for you, which will override the shared prefix.

Prefix override

If your Team shares a group with you, or you’ve joined a Public Group, and those Snippet abbreviations interfere with some of your other Snippets, you can override the shared prefix with one of your own. Set your own prefix in the Group Settings. This is local to your device.

Sharing a Snippet Group with your Team

You should all communicate and agree on the best prefix for the group. This helps everyone both remember the abbreviations, and search on them. In case some people already have Snippet abbreviations that conflict, use the Prefix Override mentioned above. It doesn’t affect the Snippets for anyone else.

More Details

  • With group prefixes, you can assign a unique abbreviation prefix for every Snippet in a Snippet Group at once.
  • You’ll see the prefix in the Groups Settings, in the Snippet list, but not within the individual Snippet as you edit it.
  • This is a fast and easy way to organize and distinguish one group of Snippets from another. This aides you when searching for a Snippet, you can search on the prefix and that will bring up Snippets from the Group you are looking for.

Prefix Examples

See Organizing Snippets.