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Searching Snippets

How to search for Snippets in TextExpander

TextExpander offers several ways to search for Snippets. Search on all or part of a Snippet’s abbreviation, content, or label. Ways to search include:

  • Directly in the TextExpander app window
  • From the Quick Actions helper menu that opens from the TextExpander icon in your menubar (Mac), system tray (Windows), omnibox (Chrome)
  • Right where you’re typing using Inline Search

Search in the TextExpander App Window

With the TextExpander window open, look in the upper left corner for the “Search” field. A search will filter the Snippets in the TextExpander window based on the search term. Clear the search field to see all your Snippets in the TextExpander window again.

Search in the Quick Actions menu from the TextExpander icon

  1. Select the TextExpander icon to find a search field. The TextExpander icon is located in your menubar (Mac), system tray (Windows), omnibox (Chrome)
  2. Search results will appear in a drop down menu. You can choose a Snippet in a variety of ways in that dropdown and the Snippet will expand in your most recent text field.

Search in place using the inline search hotkey

Another type of search, Inline Search, allows you to search without moving away from the text field as you type. The search results will appear next to your cursor in a popup window.

Searching via Hotkey

Set up a hotkey to bring up the Inline Search window, or set a hotkey to open the Quick Actions menu.