Advanced Fill-in Syntax

Fill-ins appear as visual blocks. However, if you wish to see and edit the macro syntax used to make them, you may switch your snippet’s Content: menu from “Plain Text” or “Formatted Text, Picture” to one of the script formats, such as JavaScript to see it and edit it.

Single-line fields


%filltext[:name=<field name>][:default=<default value>][:width=<width>]%

Field name, default value, and width are all optional. Default width is 20.



Multi-line fields


%fillarea[:name=<area name>][:default=<default value>][:width=<width>][:height=<height>]%

Area name, default value, width, and height are all optional. Default width is 30. Default height is 5.


%fillarea:name=custom:default=Thanks for ordering from Acme Widgets. We are a family owned business, established in 1891. We really appreciate your business.:width=40:height=4%

Popup menus


%fillpopup[:name=<popup name>]:[default=]<value>:[default=]<value>…%

Name is optional. At least one <value> should be specified. Multiple <value>s are encouraged. If no default is specified, the first <value> will be the default.


%fillpopup:name=ship timeframe:today:default=tomorrow:next week%

Optional sections


%fillpart[:name=<section name>]:[default=yes’no]%<content of optional section>%fillpartend%


%fillpart:name=Payment Due:default=yes%You did not include payment information with your order. Please call our office at 555-1212 to provide payment details.%fillpartend%

Name is optional. Default is optional: yes or no; if not specified, no is used. Content can contain other fill-ins.

Show at top



Place this macro anywhere in the snippet content, including nested snippets, for it to have the effect of displaying fields at the top of the fill-in window upon snippet expansion.


When edited in this way, fill-in field names and default values cannot contain % (percent sign) or : (colon). (They can contain these characters when the snippet type is Plain or Formatted text.)

If two fill-in fields in a snippet have the same name, their value will be synchronized when you expand the snippet.

(For more macros, see Date, Time, and Math Macros and Advanced Snippet Functions: Macros).