Updates and Account


TextExpander uses an automatic updating service to alert you when new releases of TextExpander are available. By default, TextExpander will check daily for updates, but you can modify that to hourly, weekly or monthly.

The update service also collects anonymous system profile information, which helps us better plan the ongoing development of TextExpander. If you do not wish to share this information, uncheck the box.

You may also view the version of TextExpander you are running.


This area shows your TextExpander account, including your name, linked email address, the number of Snippets and Snippet Groups in your library, plus the options to sign out or manage your account on TextExpander.com. You can also check this area to see if you are connected to the TextExpander server, which can help troubleshoot syncing issues.

For questions about the security of your information on the server, you can find the specifics in our Privacy Policy and an overview in our Security & Privacy section.