How to Train Your Team Members on TextExpander

Whether you’re just starting your working group on TextExpander, or you’re adding new Members who need help, they all need to get some training so they can start saving time as quickly as possible. 

Here are 3 ways to get them trained up. 

General Training

  • Getting Started Guide: We strongly suggest sending new users through the Getting Started Guide, which briefly covers all the key areas. Plus, it offers several training options. 
  • TextExpander 101 webinar: Have all your team members join a TextExpander 101 webinar. We ask them to download the app so they can follow along with the exercises. Once complete, they’ll know everything they need to use TextExpander. There are both live and on-demand webinars for those who like more engagement, and those who prefer self-paced learning. 

Hands-On Training by Us

Have your team trained by our team of friendly Customer Success Managers and expert trainers. Learn more about that training in our blog post:

7 Reasons You Should Enroll in TextExpander Training

Ready to start your team’s TextExpander journey? Let us make it easier for you. Sign up for TextExpander training for a customized learning experience.

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To get a hands-on training contact our support team. They’ll guide you through your training options. 

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DIY Training

You can run your own training. Be as specific as you want on how you want your team to use TextExpander. Here are the slides we use in the TextExpander 101 training. Use these, or make your own.

Suggested Snippets

There are many ways to use snippets across a working group. We suggest you get a few of these ready-made Snippet Groups to use as examples.  Just follow the on-screen directions to add these Snippet Groups to your TextExpander account.

  • Basic company-wide Snippets
  • Pair of Snippet Groups: Group 1 | Group 2
    • These two Snippet Groups work together. They show how you can mix Personal and Shared Snippets, including how to “nest” Shared Snippets inside Personal Snippets.