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Transition Your Team to TextExpander

Prepare to onboard your company, working group, or team onto TextExpander by starting with our TextExpander Rollout Checklist. This will help you strategize bringing TextExpander to the whole team, department or company.

You’ll manage your team through a TextExpander Organization. For directions on setting up an organization see How to Set Up a TextExpander Organization.

Upgrading to TextExpander for Teams

If your company is using an older version of TextExpander, such as version 5, contact our sales team for information on upgrader discounts.

If you are using pre-version 5 of TextExpander, for the smoothest transition of your Snippets, download version 5 and launch it. Leave it in demo mode. Once it populates with your current Snippets, they will be in a format more compatible with version 6. Now you can delete version 5 and download version 6 and continue setting up your account.

Whether you’re sharing Snippet groups already or not, review our guide on good sharing habits: How Do I Set Up Snippet Groups for Sharing?

What’s New

Learn about managing your account through a TextExpander organization in How to Set Up a TextExpander Organization.

New for you are usage statistics. You can now see how much time the whole company is saving with TextExpander.

Switching from other expansion apps

To switch to TextExpander from another text expansion app you’ll need to move your data over.

  1. Export the equivalent of Snippets from the other app in comma-separated value (.csv) format.
  2. Sign in to your account on Create one if you don’t have one.
  3. Import the .csv file into TextExpander.

The translation of Snippets from the original app format to .csv to TextExpander won’t necessarily preserve all your formatting and features. This is not something the TextExpander team can always fix, but if you’re having trouble, contact support.

Once you have your Snippets in TextExpander, we suggest organizing them, this is a good guide: How Do I Set up Snippet Groups for Sharing?