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Troubleshooting Inviting Org Members

Accounts that cannot be invited because they belong to another Organization

Users cannot be in multiple organizations at the same time.  The user being invited will need to be released from their current organization and reach out to TextExpander Support to complete the request.

Invitation sent, but User is not receiving an invitation

  • Double-check the e-mail used to send the invitation
  • Double-check all inboxes, including spam
  • Check with your IT Team to review any blocked or dropped e-mails.  They may need to whitelist SendGrid, our E-mail Provider for invitations.
  • Log into and check the invitations page:

If none of the above helps, please contact TextExpander Support with the User’s E-mail Address who is having issues. 

User invited but doesn’t have access to organization groups

Organization Groups need to be set to Auto-Join for new members to access those groups immediately.  Learn how to set Auto-Join on Organization Groups here.  This will help invitations moving forward, for users who join before this is set you can add users to group with these steps:

  1. Log into
  2. On the left menu, under your Organization navigate to “Snippet Groups”
  3. Find and select the needed Snippet Group
  4. Navigate to the “Sharing” Tab
  5. Click on the “Add Members” Button
  6. Find and Check the Users needed
  7. Click “Add Selected”

User invited but shows their TextExpander is still in a demo

This is often a syncing issue and can be resolved by logging out and back into TextExpander.  If the problem persists after re-logging into TextExpander, please double-check the e-mail being used and that it matches the e-mail invited to the organization.