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Organizing Shared Team Snippet Groups

If you are working with teammates in a TextExpander Organization, there are a couple of ways to organize your shared Snippet Groups.

  1. First, make sure to set them to be managed by your organization.
  2. Next, prepare the Snippet Groups to be shared.
  3. Learn how to organize and choose good abbreviations for Snippets.

Fourth, after choosing good abbreviations, TextExpander Organizations have another layer of organizing available, Teams.

  • Snippets are stored in Snippet Groups.
    • Snippets in Snippet Groups should remain thematic to a specific topic.
  • Snippet Groups can be put in Teams.
    • Teams are collections of Snippet Groups and help bucket Members with the Snippet Groups they need.

Snippet Groups can be in multiple Teams, and Members can be in multiple Teams.

How to organize Snippets using Teams

Let’s look at a Sales department as an example.

Here are 2 Teams set up with Snippet Groups within:

Outbound Sales Team:

  • Cold email messaging
  • CRM notes
  • Sales quotes
  • Invoicing and Billing

Account Management Team:

  • Account details
  • Hiring outreach
  • Invoicing and Billing

Note the two Teams provide all the Snippet Groups needed by each working group. One of the Snippet Groups is in both Teams, since both sets of users deal with Invoicing and Billing.

The Account Managers are also in the middle of hiring, so one of the Recruiting Team’s Snippet Groups has been added to the Account Management Team in order to help them out.