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TextExpander Organization Level Permissions

Understanding how a TextExpander Organization is structured will help you understand permissions for each level. Also see:

Why use Organization Level Permissions?

Organization level permissions designate admin responsibilities for certain Members. Members who aren’t Organization admins will only be able to create, share, and expand Snippets.

New Members don’t have any Organization permissions by default. Once they join the Organization you can assign them the Admin or Billing role. There’s no limit to the amount Members with an Admin role, however, we recommend having only 1 Member with a Billing role.

How to assign Organization level Permissions

  1. Sign in to your account, select “Members” from the sidebar, under your Organization name.
  2. Search the Member you’d like to assign roles to and select the Admin or Billing radio button. A Member can have both roles assigned to them.
  • Organization Admin
    Each organization needs at least one Member to be an Organization admin. Organization admins can access the Organization Settings to: 
    • manage Organization Members
    • create and manage Teams
    • manage and delete Organization Snippet Groups
    • view organization statistics
    • manage Billing and payment methods
  • Billing
    Each organization should have one Member as the billing contact. The billing role will receive payment notices. See How Does Billing Work?


  • A rule of thumb is to have 1 Organization admin per every 10 Members.
  • Organization admin permissions allow them to become Snippet Group admins for any Organization Snippet Group.