Managing Organization Members

What are Organization Members?

TextExpander Organization Members are other TextExpander users that are a part of your TextExpander Organization; usually users on your team or in your department that you can easily share Snippets with.

When setting up TextExpander for your office or working group, add them to your TextExpander account by adding them as Members in your TextExpander Organization. Add Members in 3 ways:

  • Invite Members via email
  • Use your company email domain to join matching email accounts to your Organization
  • Use Single Sign-On (SSO) to add Members in bulk

How to add Members to an Organization 

Via email:

  1. Sign in to your account and select Members from the sidebar.
  2. To the right-hand side of the Members window, select the orange button for “Add members.”
  3. Enter the email addresses of those you wish to invite. You can paste in a list separated by a comma or a return. Once you have the users listed select “Next.”
  4. To complete the invite, select any teams that a user should be assigned to if applicable. You can also create a new Team to add users to by selecting the drop-down for Teams next to a user and then choosing “New Team”. 
    • If you are adding multiple users and they will all be going to the same Team or Teams, you can select “Bulk Assign Teams” in the lower left-hand corner and choose what Teams all of the invitees should go to.
    • In addition to Team selection, you can assign Admin status to any users that will need this access by selecting the checkbox next to their name under “Org Admin.”
  5. To complete the invitation process, select the orange button for “Invite” in the lower right-hand corner. 
  6. Each person will receive an email instructing them to create a TextExpander account and accept the invitation to the Organization.

Via your company’s email domain and Single Sign-On (SSO):

A TextExpander user becomes an Organization Member once they accept the email invitation to join. There are a couple of exceptions where a TextExpander user becomes a Member of your Organization as soon as they create their TextExpander account:

  • Set an Organization Domain for easier onboarding. Anyone using a company email address to create a TextExpander account automatically joins the Organization.
  • Use Single Sign-On (SSO) for easier onboarding.

How to Remove Member from an Organization

  1. Sign in to your account and select Members from the sidebar.
  2. Inline with Member count, select Remove users.
  3. Select the radio button inline with the Member you’d like to remove, then select Remove selected.
  4. You can also select the menu inline with the Member you’d like to remove, then select Remove.

This will remove them from your Organization, any Organization Snippet Groups they were sharing, and remove them from your bill.


  • You can adjust a Member’s Permissions after they have joined.
  • Organization Members can easily share personal and Organization Snippet Groups with one another.
  • Organization and Snippet Group admins can share and grant Snippet Group permissions.
  • If you have multiple departments or teams coming on, you should invite all the team leads first, have them set up shared Snippet Groups for their teams. Then they can add their team members to TextExpander.