Guide: TextExpander Rollout Checklist

Here’s a handy guide to help you take the steps needed to successfully bring TextExpander to your teams.


  • Create a Planning Team for the rollout. A larger company may need several Planning Teams, one for each department coming onboard.
    • Decide who will be departmental / team leads and put them on the Planning Team.
    • Each team lead should locate the key power users and stake holders in their department and add them to the Planning Team.
  • The Planning Team needs to determine the best ways to use TextExpander on that team.
    • Determine what content, in the form of Snippet groups, needs to be shared with whom.
    • Review good Snippet sharing practices in our guide: How do I set up Snippet groups for sharing.
    • Create reference documentation for how TextExpander is used on your team.
    • Add our TextExpander FAQ to your internal wiki.
    • Build a training on the best ways to use TextExpander.


  • Create a TextExpander Organization, follow our guide for details.
  • Choose your Organization admin and billing admin.
    • Make the team leads organization admin so they have access to the organization settings and can manage their own team’s needs.
  • Team leads set up Teams in the organization settings.
  • Install TextExpander on everyone’s devices if your company is set up for push install.
  • Team leads invite their teams to join the TextExpander Organization.
    • If Organization Domain is On: Inform your team to create a TextExpander account with their company email address.
    • If SSO is on: Inform your team to join TextExpander through their SSO dashboard.
  • Schedule a TextExpander Training.
  • Invite your team to a Training session.
  • Run a Training session.
  • Check in with the team to see how the rollout is going.
  • Let the team know how to get help.


  • Team leads review Snippets periodically to ensure teams are following naming standards and ensure accuracy and quality.
  • Encourage team to add/edit Snippets as new information/techniques come to light. Or, encourage the team to submit proposed changes to the Group admin and team leads.
  • Solicit input from team on how to improve the rollout.
  • Review Snippet statistics to see how the team is using TextExpander.
  • Incorporate TextExpander into new hire training.