Maximizing Productivity

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Introducing the New TextExpander for Google Chrome

The new TextExpander for Google Chrome now has everything you’ve come to expect from TextExpander: edit Snippets, work with teams and more.

How to Automate Repetitive Tasks

Repetitive tasks are so commonplace in our daily work that it’s hard to imagine what life would be like without them. However, they’re also taking up time and energy that could be better spent. For example, one study found that customer service reps lose up to 30 percent of their day to repeat tasks. Fortunately,…

20 Best Habits to Increase Productivity in 2023

This is a comprehensive list of 20 habits designed to increase productivity in your professional and personal life.

Text Replacement Tips for iPhone, Android, Mac, and More

This is a list of instructions for text replacement for different operating systems and software including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

The Abbreviation Prefixes TextExpander Experts Use

A common point of debate among TextExpander users is how to name Snippet abbreviations—the text you type to expand the Snippet. When creating abbreviations, you want to make them: For example, if you have a Snippet to respond to an angry customer email, angry would be a poor choice of abbreviation since it would expand…

23 Productivity Hacks for 2023

Need to get more done? Here are 23 productivity hacks to maximize your potential in 2023.

Get More Done with MacSparky’s Time Blocking Method

One thing you can’t buy is time. Learn this time blocking method to gain control of your schedule and claw back your time.