Maximizing Productivity

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TextExpander Best Practices: Create and Document Snippets

Learn TextExpander best practices to create and document Snippets. Learn our customer success secrets to add instructions to any Snippet.

TextExpander Best Practices: 5 Customer Success Secrets

Learn TextExpander best practices to make the most of your Snippets. Find out how to optimally name, organize, and manage your Snippets.

How TextExpander Pricing Saves Your Team Money

How does usage-based TextExpander pricing work for teams? Learn how TextExpander’s model saves your team money.

Interviewing: the definitive guide

Effective interviewing doesn’t come “naturally”. In this post, we dive deep into the best ways to get to know candidates while improving their experience.

How To Increase Employee Productivity In The Workplace

There are now so many ways to increase employee productivity in a way that inspires your workplace. Here are our five top strategies for creating motivation in your team.

How The Pomodoro Technique Boosts Your Productivity

Ready to upgrade your workday? Try the Pomodoro Technique, the productivity hack that’ll boost your memory and focus, one break at a time.

Using TextExpander to Avoid Negative Words and Terms

We’re going to start this post with a thought exercise. Take a moment to think about this: when writing, how often do you use negative words or phrases? Avoiding negative words and phrases is a challenge, but knowledge activation tools like TextExpander make it easier. There’s a lot of talk about being positive. We know…

Optimizing Your Daily Routine With TextExpander

TextExpander can help you optimize your daily routine, with Snippets to make each stage of your day simpler.

How To Quickly Apply for Jobs Using TextExpander

Filling out application forms, creating CVs, and writing emails gets tiring fast. Here’s how to quickly apply for jobs using TextExpander.