Top Predictive Text Apps to Increase Productivity in 2023

Do you feel that writing unnecessary and repetitive sentences takes up a lot of your time? Are your days filled with typing that you wish was streamlined? A predictive text app might be for you.

What is predictive text software?

Predictive text is a technology for text input systems like mobile keyboards and word processors. It anticipates what a user is typing to expedite the process of inputting text. Using algorithms that analyze patterns in the user’s typing, the app or software gradually learns his or her writing style and commonly used phrases. Additionally, predictive text can fill in certain phrases or words when you type only a few characters. These two types of predictive text allow for quicker, more efficient text entry.

The speed of predictive text software is one of its primary ways of increasing productivity at work or home. Predictive text can drastically cut down the time individuals spend on writing tasks. Whether it’s drafting emails, preparing reports, or writing code, predictive text can increase productivity by reducing the time spent on typing.

Predictive text can also improve communication accuracy. By suggesting correct spelling and grammar, predictive text tools can minimize typos and grammatical errors that might otherwise slip through, particularly in fast-paced environments. This can lead to better communication quality, enhancing the professional image of a company in its internal and external communications.

Predictive text can also be a game-changer in the realm of customer service. Customer representatives can respond to queries faster and more accurately, enhancing the customer experience. Additionally, when used in chatbots or virtual assistants, predictive text can allow for more fluid and natural interactions, further improving customer engagement.

Predictive text software can be productive in many different ways. Many apps do some things better than others, so it is important to find out what type of predictive text software you are looking for. Here are some of the best predictive text apps:

TextExpander as Predictive Text

TextExpander reduces the time spent on typing by automatically filling in frequently used phrases, boilerplate texts, and even complex templates.

By learning your most commonly used phrases and sentences, TextExpander can make suggestions for creating personal “Snippets.” These Snippets can be used to speed up typing common phrases. These snippets also have a fill-in-the-blank option that allows you to extend the snippets and insert specific words, dates, phrases, or names into the blanks.

However, it’s not just about speed. TextExpander can also improve communication quality. It reduces the risk of typos and inconsistent language use, ensuring a professional and coherent brand voice across all departments. It also offers team-wide sharing features, allowing your business to maintain consistent messaging. 

TextExpander also provides helpful guides and a user-friendly interface. These two enable users to competently and completely use all of TextExpander’s features. Additionally, the user-created snippets allow users to use the app perfectly for their purposes. If Snippets lose relevance, you can delete them, and if you realize that you may need more, you can always increase the number of snippets in your repertoire. TextExpander is all about personalization that is efficient and communication-oriented. 

For any business seeking to harness technology to improve operational efficiency and communication, TextExpander, with its sophisticated predictive text abilities, offers an effective solution. 

  • Platforms supported: Chrome, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Price: $3.33 monthly to $10.83 monthly 


Grammarly is one of the most used grammar checkers in the world. Its free version fixes most grammatical and spelling errors with ease, and its paid version adds capabilities to edit some of a writer’s stylistic choices. However, Grammarly’s predictive text capabilities do not stop at spelling and grammar correction. 

By learning from your writing style and adapting to it, Grammarly anticipates what you intend to write and provides real-time suggestions for improvement. It not only helps speed up typing tasks but also refines the content by making it more concise, clear, and effective. Grammarly’s algorithm continually learns from your patterns, offering increasingly accurate suggestions over time. It empowers businesses to maintain a professional image in their internal and external communications by minimizing errors and enhancing clarity. 

The software integrates seamlessly with numerous platforms and applications, making it a highly versatile tool for any work environment. By harnessing Grammarly’s predictive text capabilities, businesses can significantly improve their productivity, communication efficiency, and overall writing quality. 

  • Platforms supported: Web, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Price: Free to $15 monthly 


Lightkey employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms to study your typing patterns and vocabulary. Not only does this feature significantly expedite the typing process, but it also minimizes the chance of typographical errors, contributing to more professional communication.

One of Lightkey’s standout features is its native support for more than 80 languages and various content domains, such as technology, law, and healthcare. This makes it a versatile choice for businesses operating in diverse sectors or with multilingual teams. Its real-time, context-based spelling and grammar corrections further maintain the accuracy and clarity of your text, while its punctuation prediction feature ensures that your sentences are always properly structured.

Lightkey also has seamless integration with popular applications, such as Microsoft Office Suite, Google Chrome, and Gmail. LIghtkey is easy to integrate and allows you to greatly increase productivity. 

  • Platforms supported: Windows and macOS
  • Price: Free to $69.95 yearly


SwiftKey is known for its advanced predictive text capabilities. It learns from your typing habits and language patterns, allowing it to anticipate and suggest the next word you’re likely to type, effectively reducing your keystrokes and saving significant time.

SwiftKey also has a multilingual support feature, which is perfect for businesses operating across different linguistic regions. The software supports over 400 languages, and the user can type in up to five languages simultaneously without having to manually switch between language settings. 

SwiftKey also boasts a robust autocorrect function that learns from your unique style, including the use of slang and emoji. This ensures that your typing remains accurate without losing personal flair, enhancing both speed and accuracy of communication. The keyboard is customizable, offering a variety of themes, and can be resized for comfort and efficiency.

Other standout aspects of the app include the fact that it is completely free and able to be used on mobile devices. 

With SwiftKey, businesses can expect a more streamlined, efficient, and personalized typing experience, ultimately contributing to enhanced productivity.

  • Platforms supported: Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Price: Free

Typing Assistant

Typing Assistant shines in its predictive text capabilities, learning from your typing patterns to anticipate what you’re about to type. The software automatically suggests words and phrases as you type, significantly speeding up the typing process while also reducing errors.

Typing Assistant also has a text expansion function. This allows the user to create custom shortcuts for frequently used phrases or paragraphs. When you type a predefined shortcut, Typing Assistant automatically expands it into the complete text.

Furthermore, Typing Assistant provides an Auto-Correct feature, which automatically corrects common spelling mistakes, ensuring a high degree of accuracy in all typed documents. Its Auto-Clipboard feature also allows quick access to recent clipboard entries, further streamlining workflow.

The software’s compatibility with all Windows applications enhances its versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks, from drafting emails to programming. 

Typing Assistant’s versatility and reliability can make it very useful for your office. 

  • Platforms supported: Web and Windows
  • Price: $149