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Dr. Melanie Hsu
Clinical Program Manager & Licensed Psychologist
Children’s Health Council

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Knowledge documentation with ease

Reduce the time spent rewriting the same thing over and over again so your team can get back to what they love — taking care of patients.

Centralized knowledge all in one place

Keep your team on the same page by sharing your team-reviewed medical knowledge all in one place. Use features like fill-ins and drop-downs to keep admin mistakes to a minimum.

More knowledge sharing, less mistakes

Update your team on industry or regulatory changes in one spot so everyone has access to the most up-to-date and accurate information in moments.

Speed up patient communication

Say goodbye to repetitive note-taking and responses — save common patient responses so team members can quickly access them with a few keystrokes.

Accelerate new team onboarding

Get new clinicians up to speed quickly — access ready-to-use templated patient notes and medical codes, minimizing the learning curve and ensuring productivity from the start.

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Date of Session: [ ]

Time of Session: [ ]

Patient Name: [ ]


Subjective: [ ]

Objective: [ ]

Assessment: [ ]

Plan: [ ]

Diagnosis: Hypertension


  • Not controlled by the patient

Care Plan: 

  • Adjusted medications.No change in management.
  • Discussed DASH diet and dietary sodium restrictions.
  • Continue/Increase dietary efforts and physical activity.


Patient is a [20]-year-old female with PMHx who presents with cough. 
See HPI for complete ROS

Physical Exam: 

  • General: [ ]
  • Eyes: [ ]
  • Ears: [ ]
  • Nose: [ ]
  • Throat: [ ] 
  • Lungs: [ ]
  • Skin: [ ]

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