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5 Best Practices for Using Service Desks

Customers expect first-rate service from any company, whether a small business or a multinational powerhouse with vast resources. As long as you have customers, your business will face countless issues, requests, and complaints.   When this happens, service desk software can save the day and simplify managing customer requests. Service desk software organizes customer conversations across…

How to Build & Maintain a World Class Customer Support Strategy

Customer support is the backbone of any business. It provides a direct link between the customer and the company, and can often make or break a business relationship. To cultivate a culture that incorporates a strong customer support system, you need a strategy.

How to Build a Customer Support Workflow

Customer satisfaction is a linchpin of business success. Modern consumers expect not only high-quality products and services but also seamless and personalized support experiences. This is where customer support workflows come into play, acting as the backbone of an efficient, effective, and empathetic customer support system.

The 6 Best Customer Service Conferences of 2024

Are you planning to attend any customer service conferences in 2024? Conferences are a great way to network and learn from experts in customer service, customer support, and customer success. Tired of answering repetitive support queries? Try TextExpander to automate your workflow and build a single source of truth for your customer responses. Now is…

How to Improve Customer Support Efficiency

Customer support efficiency is the measure of how effectively a company’s support team can handle customer interactions and solve problems. Although speed is important, efficiency doesn’t just pertain to how quickly something can be solved.

Customer Orientation in Today’s Business Landscape

Customer orientation is all about putting your customers first, which increases your brand reputation and customer loyalty. Here’s how to start.