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Reach more prospects every day by pulling from your library of proven messages with just a few keystrokes to persuade more prospects in less time.

Consistency + Flexibility

Access a shared library of effective messages and edit them on the fly so each prospect knows you’re speaking directly to them and their needs.

Works Everywhere

CRMs, email, LinkedIn, even text messages – use TextExpander everywhere your sales team can type.

See how TextExpander works

My name is [Name], and I am [Account]’s Account Manager. It’s great to e-meet you!

I saw that you are currently on a single-user plan. We’re expanding our footprint at [Account] and would like to gather some information on your interest in bringing TextExpander to the rest of your team.

If this sounds like something that would benefit your team, we can schedule a call this week to set them up on a 30-day trial. Do any of these times work well for you? [Calendar Link]



Hi [Name],

I hope you’re well. I wanted to reach out as your renewal is fast approaching. To prevent a lapse in service, we should schedule a meeting no later than [Date 1] for your renewal date on [Date 2]. Which would you prefer?

  1. Email: Receiving a breakdown of usage over the past year and my recommendations to cover growth for the upcoming year via email.
  2. Meeting: Scheduling an appointment to go over billing and my recommendations for the upcoming year; I recommend this if this is your first renewal or you have additional questions regarding your account. You can schedule directly on my [Calendar link here].

I’m excited to connect, and I’m looking forward to our continued partnership.



Hi [Name],

I’m reaching out as I work with companies in the [Industry] industry to bring them TextExpander, helping them work faster and smarter by using powerful shortcuts and abbreviations. 

Companies such as [Company Example] are making great use of the tool, and I believe that it could benefit your company, too.

What times would work for a call next week to discuss? You can also schedule time directly on my calendar here.



Answer Common Questions in a Flash

Never type out or copy-paste the answer to a common prospect question again. Simply type a short abbreviation and watch it instantly expand into a text snippet with a full response. Best of all, it works anywhere you type so you can speak with leads in their preferred channel.

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Speed Up Outreach With a Personal Touch

Easily send proven sales outreach messages from your team’s snippet library in record time while personalizing each message as you go. Use our fill-in-the-blank snippets to make customization even easier, quickly putting your prospect research to good use.

Make your CRM data entry more efficient

Spend Less Time Managing Your CRM

Use predefined snippets to take consistent, high-quality notes on sales calls and meetings. Keep your CRM up to date without letting necessary data entry steal time away from commission-generating sales activity.

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Create Sales Docs in Record Time

Use pre-approved content from your snippet library to put together proposals and agreements quicker than ever before. No more switching windows to copy-paste from prior client documents, ensuring accurate information every time.

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