How Can My Team Find and Join Snippet Groups?

Share select groups, make groups discoverable

If you have certain groups you want shared with certain members, set up a Team. For example, when a person joins the Support department add them to the Support Team. You can set some groups to be shared with them immediately, and the rest they will be able to find and join if they wish. Teams, unlike organizations, can have discoverable groups. For more see Using Teams In A TextExpander Organization.

Share groups with everyone

If you have any groups you want to share with everyone in the organization, you can set that group to be auto-joined.

For example, you might want the whole company to share the Support and Ops groups, but you only want the Sales team to have the Sales snippet group.

Set a group to be auto-joined by every member:

  1. Open your organization settings. Locate the settings by looking at your account name on the left side of the page at and choosing your organization name.
  2. Choose Snippet Groups, then check “auto-join” inline with the groups you want to share with everyone.

Everyone in the organization will have auto-joined groups.