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[Mr. System] Asana Helpers 1: Basic

Dave J Mason (Mr. System)

Helpful snippets to boost productivity when using the work management tool Asana.

Accented Words

Jean MacDonald

Converts common words, when typed without accents, to their accented equivalents. Time for a matinée!

AutoCorrect – Deutsch


Correct common typos in German.

AutoCorrect – English


Correct common typos in English.

AutoCorrect – Français


Correct common typos in French.

British to American English Spelling Conversions

Kerry Provenzano

Automatically convert your spellings from British to American English.

Contractions- English (US)

Chad Underwood

Autocorrection for US English contractions that do not spell other words without the apostrophe (ie she'd).

Dutch Accents


Converts common Dutch words, when typed without accents, to their accented equivalents, like geïnformeerd..

Sanskrit Yoga Pose Names

Charles Burnett

Group for automatically changing English yoga pose names into Sanskrit.

TidBITS AutoCorrect


Extensive auto-correction of common misspellings and typos.

Vietnamese Words Used in English

Thorne Melcher

Puts proper accents over common Vietnamese words used in English.

5 Must Have Snippets for Recruiters

Maisha Cannon

Here are 5 snippets to get you started with automating your recruiting workflow. Happy expanding!

ACC Teams


Atlantic Coast Conference team names

Acronyms for Business

Maia Olson

Keep up with common business acronyms with this snippet group. Examples:n?ltv = Lifetime Value (see also CLV)n?wfh = Work From Home

Agile Snippets

John Connolly

A few handy snippets, hopefully useful to Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and Agile team members.

Airport Codes

Michael Burda

Airport codes expand into the corresponding city name. All abbreviations start with Z, for clarity.nE.g. zlnk -> LincolnnWhere cities have two airports, I have used the primary city. nQuestions - contact ->

American to British English Spelling Conversions

Kerry Provenzano

Automatically convert your spellings from American to British English.

Any Character Precedes Snippets

These are snippets of text that require no space between the last character I type. Most of the these snippets are ones that I typically have to look down to find, and with TextExpander I don’t have to do that.

Aristotle Quotes

Daniel Sanderson

Quotes from Aristotle on the Ego, Happiness, Knowledge, Academics, Education, Poverty, Habits, Pride and Friendship.

Bash Snippets

Toby Osbourn

These are snippets that either help with bash commands or use bash scripting to help you be more productive.

Bible Books - New Testament

J Cost

Books of the Bible - New Testament. Names taken from the King James Version.

Bible Books - Old Testament

J Cost

Books of the Bible - Old Testament. Names from the King James Version.

Brand Names

Greg Scown

Corrects the casing of common brands (e.g. FaceBook -> Facebook) to avoid embarrassment.

Build Your Customer Service Toolkit Webinar

Jeff Gamet

These are the resources and sample snippets for the Build Your Customer Service Toolkit with Help Scout and TextExpander webinar. They include links to apps mentioned, plus snippets showing some ways TextExpander can be used by your support team.

Cliché Corrections

Kerry Provenzano

Make your writing more succinct by autocorrecting common clichés.


Allister Jenks

This group translates DMC six-strand embroidery thread numbers into their official names. E.g. type dmc153 and it expands to Lilac rose. Please see the notes for dealing with 2 and 4 digit numbers.

Dawkins Quotes by planksip™

Daniel Sanderson

Quote from Richard Dawkins on Religion (x3), Propagation, Explanations, Luck, Been there Done That, God, Atheism, and Open-Mindedness.

Depeche Mode Snippets

Tomas Westberg

Abbreviations for the Depeche Mode fan. For use in your everyday Depeche Mode conversations.

Dias de la semana

Carlos M. Díaz Honrado

Escribe abreviaturas en lugar de palabras completas para los días de la semana, ;LD=Lunes, ;ld=lunes

Dickens Quotes by planksip™

Daniel Sanderson

Quote from Charles Dickens on Vulnerability, Wisdom, Saying Goodbye, Writing, Potentiality, Death, Community, Regret, Best of Times, and Values.

Dostoyevsky Quotes by planksip™

Daniel Sanderson

Quotes from Fyodor Dostoyevsky on God, Love, Positive Reenforcement, Communication, Ego, Hope, Children, Action, Life, and Habits.

Foreign Thanks

David Sparks

Want to say thanks in some other language than English? Here you go!

Freelance Writing Job Applications

Kerry Provenzano

Essential snippets for freelance writers in the job application process.

Hemingway Quotes by planksip™

Daniel Sanderson

Quotes from Ernest Hemingway on Writing, Trust, Sleep, Humility, Courage, Sobriety, Spirit, Humility, and Academics.

Hitchens Quotes by planksip™

Daniel Sanderson

Quotes from Christopher Hitchens on Dogma, the Universe, Morality, Atheism, War, Good and Evil, Claims, Academics, Religion, and Morality.

IT Acronyms to Full With Bracketed Abbrev

Anthony Hawkes

A list of IT acronyms that will be expanded over time.

Interact Scratchpad

Agile Tortoise

Ease tag entry when creating contacts in the Interact Scratchpad app. For more details visit:

JSON Pretty Print

Chuck Grimmett

Copy ugly JSON to your clipboard and then type ;json in a text editor. Boom! Pretty JSON.

James Joyce Quotes by planksip™

Daniel Sanderson

Quotes from James Joyce on Academics (x2), Mistakes, Christopher Columbus, Writing, History, Consciousness (x2), K.I.S.S., and Death.

JavaScript Clipboard Snippets

Jeff Boerner

These snippets can reformat and expand the content on the clipboard using JavaScript. This includes reformatting phone numbers, renumbering lists and quoting text.

Kant Quotes

Daniel Sanderson

Quotes from Immanuel Kant on Reason, Animals, Ego, Lie, Validation, Conceptualization, Being Organized, Think Globally, Living, and Happiness.

Keyboard Maestro Clipboard History

Brian Bucknam

For Mac users with Keyboard Maestro, these snippets use AppleScript to access Keyboard Maestro's clipboard history, allowing you to Paste from the Past.


Matthew Lang

A collection of lorem ipsum generators for developers and designers.


Ricardo Cambraia

Laudos De Radiologia MamografianFrasesnMascaras

Meaningful Manager Communications

M. C.

To accompany blog post

Meses del año

Carlos M. Díaz Honrado

Escribe abreviaturas en lugar de palabras completas para los meses del año ;01=Enero ;02=Febrero

Months-Week Days (English)

Maia Olson

Abbreviations for months of the year and days of the week, i.e. mmon = Monday

Mr. System - Async/Sync Communication

Mr. System (

Make the shift to remote, asynchronous working with these helpful snippets.nWhat is sync/async? Why use them? When should you use them? How should you use them? Plus other helpful snippets and resources.

Nietzsche Quotes by planksip™

Daniel Sanderson

Quotes from Friedrich Nietzsche on Doing things your Own Way, Music, Love, Madness, Reason, No Facts, Youth, Strength, Creativity, Group Insanity, and the question Why?

Past and Future Dates


Locale-aware, options-friendly dates snippet group – a replacement for the old DatesUS group

Podcaster Starter Kit

Kerry Provenzano

Snippets for new and experienced podcasters. Name audio files consistently, store your show notes outline, communicate quietly with cohosts and make advertising emails a breeze.


Thorne Melcher

Ensures Pokémon and Pokédex always have the accent over the e.

Power User Productivity Tips Webinar

Jeff Gamet

These are the snippets David Sparks and Jeff Gamet used in the TextExpander Power User Productivity Tips Webinar. They include fill-in form, date math, AppleScript, and JavaScript examples.

Provincias Y Comunidades De España

Manel Souto

Escribe los dos primeros números del código postal seguido de dos xx y te aparecerá nombre de provincia y nombre de comunidad. Ejemplo: 08xx = Barcelona (Catalunya).

PubMed - NCBI - Scientific Research Snippet

Ticinosthetics GainzSchool

Search scientific papers faster and better thanks to Ticinosthetics Snippet.nRicerca scientifica più precisa e veloce grazie allo Snippet di Ticinosthetics.nFor/Per/Für PubMed - NCBI. Tag: Wissenschaft, Research, Science, Google Scholar, Forschung.

Recruiting Snippets: Simplified (One-Liners)

Maisha Cannon

Recruiting snippets for busy recruiters across industries

Renaissance Composers

Emilio Cano

Renaissance composers with birth and death dates.

Shakespeare Quotes by planksip™

Daniel Sanderson

Quotes from William Shakespeare on Cowardliness, the Mind, Free Will, Life, Music, Advice, Greatness, Good and Evil, True Love, and Being True to Yourself.

Snippets for Lawyers from MacLaw

Tom Lambotte

A group for lawyers to provide inspiration for what can be done with TextExpander

Social Media Post Outlines

Kerry Provenzano

Outlines for various types of social media posts.

Software/Web Testing

Evan Barr

Fill text blocks with random sentences (specify number of characters or sentences)n nPaste text converted to desired format without altering the clipboard (CamelCase, Title case, Trim, etc.)nnSend bug reports, issues, etc. to

Talent Sourcing - Workflow Must Haves

Maisha Cannon

9 Must Have Sourcing Snippets for sourcers and recuiters

Text Utilities

Allen Day

Text transformation utilities to easily change text to upper, lower or title case. For example, just type paste-title to transform your clipboard to title case. Includes both paste- and text- variants. The text variants can be used in other snippets.

TextExpander Advanced Webinar Snippets

Jeff Gamet

These snippets are the examples used in the TextExpander Advanced Webinar. Find all of the upcoming TextExpander webinars at

The Ultimate Recruiter Starter Pack: Candidates

M. C.

For busy recruiters looking to streamline their workflow.

The Ultimate Recruiter Starter Pack: Hiring Managers

Maisha Cannon

This snippet starter pack is ideal for busy recruiters and hiring managers who want to streamline their workflow.

The Ultimate Recruiter Starter Pack: Talent Team

M. C.

Use these Talent Acquisition templates to transition candidates into new hires.

Ticket Generation

Toby Osbourn

Outlines for creating tickets in issue tracking software: tasks, features, bugs.

US States from Postal Abbreviations

Tony Criswell

Spell the full name of US states from the postal abbreviation.

Webinar Demo Snippets

Jeff Gamet

Sample snippets and examples for the TextExpander beginner webinar.

ASIThemes Wordpress

Juan Luis Martel Revuelta

Short codes to activate CSS tricks from Wordpress templates from

Apple® Trademark List

J Cost

Common Apple® Trademarks for writing about Apple® products. Includes some of the most common product names and technologies.



Shortcuts for writing HTML and CSS.

Internet Productivity


Automatic URL checking and shortening via TinyURL, and more. Mac only.

Pokémon Go Trash IV Snippets

Ashley Jones

These are Pokémon Go Trash IVs strings. The corresponding number in the title refers to what the IV threshold is for the string.


Jason Shultz

These can be used in JavaScript based projects to create ReactJS components and functions.

SaneBox SaneReminder Emails

Tim Stringer

Adds ease and efficiency to SaneBox's SaneReminders feature ( Abbreviations are prefixed with sb. For example, sb1d expands to and sbfri expands to

Slack Text Formatting

David Chartier

Snippets to help you format Slack messages with bold, italics, strikethrough, quotes, and fixed-width text.

Star Trek Quotes

A Rogue Holodeck Program

It would be illogical to *not* use these snippets.

Star Wars Quotes

A Friendly Jawa

Fire off those Star Wars quotes in less than 12 parsecs.


Danny Santoro

This is a group of snippets to help navigate your self-hosted WordPress installation, including links to manage WooCommerce. Additional features will be added as requested.

Drug Classes

Ralf Lukner

Abbreviations for medical (human) drug classes. All abbreviations start with .dc which stands for *drug classes* to help keep these abbreviations from interfering with other abbreviations.

Medical - Primary Care Dot Phrases

StatNote: Sample Dot Phrases to Expedite Your Medical Documentation: 25 Primary Care Phrases / Boilerplate Templates. Documentation is the main cause of physician burnout. Capture the essentials of the visit with minimal effort.

Medical Abbreviations


Medical abbreviations which expand into complete medical terms, terms approved by The North Carolina Office of EMS.


Amir Zadaka

Neuro related complaints


Skylar Topham

Making audiology note writing even easier within

StatNote BASIC - primary care library

StatNote DotPhrases

StatNote: 100 dot phrases to expedite your medical documentation. KISS snippets to capture the essentials of the visit with minimal effort.

Company URL Examples

TextExpander Marketing

Group of the top links you use for work, website and social media links.nn->>

ASCII Emotions

David Chartier

Humanity's purest emotions, rendered in text.

Emoji Cheat Sheet


Use the same Emoji shortcuts as Slack, Campfire, GitHub, Basecamp, etc. anywhere you can type.

Emoji Flags


Emoji flags. These work well on macOS and iOS. (Current versions of Windows display two-letter country codes instead of flag images.)


Steven Whatley

Fraction symbols accessed by X//Y abbreviations.


Steven Combs

Fractions when you need them.

HTML5 Entities

COHO Digital

Insert characters using HTML entity names you may already know. By default, the prefix is \\ instead of & for better compatibility with apps that understand HTML entities. This is a comprehensive list of all the named entities defined in HTML5.

Letters Upside Down

uʍoɔS ƃǝɹ⅁

Capital and small letters upside-down (uʍop-ǝpᴉsdn)

Letters in Circles

Greg Scown

Letters and numerals within circles.

Mac Keyboard Symbols

Mike Cravey

These are characters that represent keys on a Mac keyboard.

NATO Phonetic Alphabet

Petter Holstad

The NATO Phonetic Alphabet, where you type type double commas before each letter.

Physics-Greek Symbols

Jingkai Kuang

Physics symbols for the high school educator


Kerry Provenzano

Snippets for placing the cursor between punctuation, positioning the cursor where you need it.



Useful symbol characters that are hard to find on your keyboard. emojitags

Ben Stanfield uses emoji as tags to help people discover and browse some common subjects. I find emoji pickers much less useful than snippets, so this grouping contains quick references to the right emoji, using the syntax {subject} tag.