Help: Sharing Snippet Groups With A Team

TextExpander offers two different ways for you to share your snippets, and the wealth of knowledge contained in them, with other TextExpander users. Manage sharing options by signing into your TextExpander.com account on the web.

TextExpander Organizations

What is a TextExpander Organization?

See our comprehensive guide: How to Set Up a TextExpander Organization

Gather together TextExpander users as members in an “Organization” for easy internal sharing of snippet groups, central management of groups and billing. Manage sharing options by signing into your TextExpander.com account on the web.

A TextExpander Organization consists of “Members”, as many TextExpander users as you wish to invite, and “Groups”, snippet groups managed by the Organization.

  • Each Organization needs at least one member to be an “Organization Admin”, who has the power to add, assign, and remove groups from the Organization, and add and remove members of the Organization, as well as set members’ permission levels. Organization Admin also have the powers of Group Admin.
  • Each Organization needs at least one member to have the “Billing” role in the Organization, to receive and pay invoices for the TextExpander service.


Organization Admin can assign snippet groups to be managed by the Organization. There are three levels of permissions a group member can have.

  • Group Admin
    Add members to the group, whether Organization members or Guests from outside the Organization. Edit all group member permissions. Remove members. Add, edit, and delete snippets. Delete the group. Each group will have at least one “Group Admin”.
  • Edit
    Group members with Edit permissions can edit, add, and delete snippets in the group.
  • Read-only
    Group members without any edit permissions can use and expand snippets, but not edit them.

Any group can have as many or as few members or Admin as desired. All group members will see the groups they are a part of in their accounts, and these groups will appear in their apps for use.


A TextExpander user becomes an Organization member once they accept an invitation to join. As an Organization member, Organization Admin and Group Admin can share groups with them without any further input from the member. A member can later remove themselves from the group, but cannot delete the group unless they are an Admin.

Personal snippet groups

Being a member of an Organization does not effect your personal snippet groups. The Organization does not have any control of or ability to see personal groups. Each member will be able to see both their own personal groups and any groups shared with them in the TextExpander app and their account on the web.

Benefits of an Organization

  • Simplify member signup.
    Anyone who creates a TextExpander.com using your company’s unique email domain (e.g. me@companyname.com) can be automatically added to your Organization. Turn on this option in the Organization’s settings. Pre-set the permission level of any new members so that once they add themselves, the Admin's job is done.
  • Control company snippets.
    Make your Organization the manager of the snippet groups important to your company. These snippet groups are now the property of your TextExpander Organization, and can be managed by the members you choose to make Admin.
  • Streamline group sharing.
    Group Admin can join any Organization members to a group managed by that Organization without sending an email and waiting for the members to accept the invite. Assign the permissions of the members in the group’s sharing settings.
  • Centralize billing.
    Assign one or more members of an Organization to manage billing. They handle the payment for all the Organization’s members in one place, with one bill.

Set up Your Organization

To set up an Organization, you’ll need to name it, add some groups to it, invite some members, and decide which groups to share with which members with which permissions. While you could start with step 3 below, steps 1 and 2 provide groundwork which will make things go faster in step 3 and 4.

  1. Create Some Groups to Share
    1. Create a new group in the TextExpander app and drag in the snippets you want to share.
      Tip: Consider creating several groups, each on a specific topic or for a different department. See also Abbreviations for Teams. Take advantage of each snippet’s Label to briefly describe it. Include a group Note, found in Group Settings, to explain the overall use of snippets in that group.
  2. Set Default Permissions
    Before you invite people to share the groups, set the default permission levels you want them to have.
    • Organization Permissions
      New members don't have any Organization permissions by default. Once a new members accepts an Organization invite, you can assign them Admin and Billing roles if you choose.
    • Group Permissions
      1. In your TextExpander.com account, open each of the snippet groups you intend to share and click on the Sharing tab.
      2. Scroll to the bottom and set the default permissions you want all new group members to have, either check Admin, Edit, or nothing for a Read-only permission level. To understand these permissions see Groups above. If you want to change the permissions for a couple of the members, to assign another Group Admin for example, you can do so after that member has joined the group.
  3. Create An Organization
    1. Sign in to TextExpander.com.
    2. Choose your account name in the upper right.
    3. Under My Account select Organizations, then select Create An Organization. A dialog will appear with the steps you need to complete the setup.
      • Give your Organization a name. Your company’s name and department will work.
      • Choose to pay now or start a demo with a Test Drive.

    You will end up in the Settings of your new Organization. You next step is to invite some teammates and add some shared snippet groups. Find full details in Guide: How to Set Up a TextExpander Organization

  4. Add Members to Groups
    • Assign Groups To Everyone
      Select some or all of the Organization’s groups to be joined by every member automatically. This can be done before you have any members in your Organization.
      1. Open the settings of your newly created Organization if you are not there already. Locate the settings by choosing your account name in the upper right corner and selecting an option under the name of your Organization.
      2. Open the Groups tab. You will see a list of groups belonging to the Organization.
      3. Check each of the groups in the list you want everyone to be added to.

      Optionally, let new people add themselves to your Organization by turning on an Organization Domain in the settings of the Organization. Anyone who creates a TextExpander account using your company email domain will be joined to your Organization.

    • Assign Groups to Specific Members Once They’ve Joined
      Once your members have joined your Organization you will be able to add them to any groups not already auto-joined. For example, you might have the whole company auto-join the Support and Ops groups, but you only want the Sales team to have the Sales snippet group.
      1. Once signed into your TextExpander.com account, you will see all your groups listed in the Snippet Groups screen. Click on the Add Member button of any group and you will be taken to that group’s Sharing tab.
      2. Once there, click on the Add Member button next to Organization Members to add members of the Organization to the group.
      3. If you wish to add a member from outside the Organization, a part time contractor, for example, click the Add Member button next to Guest Members. You will then have to enter their email address.

Add a Group to the Organization

Add a group to be part of your Organization by opening a currently existing group to the Sharing tab, scroll to the bottom, and under Organization set the group to be managed by an Organization using the popup menu.

Once the group is part of the Organization, you can set the default member permissions, and add members.

Add a Member to the Organization

  1. Open the Organization settings by choosing your account name in the upper right of TextExpander.com and selecting your Organization’s name > Members.
  2. In the Members tab, next to Members click the Add Member button .
  3. Enter the email addresses of those you wish to invite.

You could also use an Organization Domain.

Organization Domain

Instead of emailing every new team member to invite them to the TextExpander Organization, simply leave a note on your company’s message board so that new hires will know to create a TextExpander account using their company email address. Everyone who signs up using your company email address domain, for example “@textexpander.com”, will automatically be added to the Organization. If you've set up any groups to be auto-joined, they will be added to those groups also. Find the group auto-join setting in the Organization settings Groups tab.

  1. Open the Organization settings by clicking your account name in the upper right for TextExpander.com and choosing your Organization’s name > Members.
  2. In the Members tab, under Organization Domain enter your company email domain, for example “@textexpander.com”.


Delete an Organization Group

  1. Open your Organization’s settings. Locate the settings by clicking your account name in the upper right of TextExpander.com and choosing your Organization’s name > Groups.
  2. In your Organization’s Groups tab click the Trashcan inline with the group you want to delete.

The group will be deleted permanently. If you want to keep a copy of it you can save a copy of the group first, then add it to TextExpander as one of your private groups.

Delete a Member from the Organization

  1. Open your Organization’s settings. Locate the settings by clicking your account name in the upper right of TextExpander.com and choosing your Organization’s name > Members.
  2. In your Organization’s Members tab click the Trashcan inline with the member you want to delete.

This will remove them from your organization and any organization groups they were sharing, and you will no longer pay for them.

Remove a Member from a Group

  1. Open a group in TextExpander.com and click on the Sharing tab.
  2. Locate the member you want to remove and click the Trashcan inline with their name.

Sharing Groups as an Individual

TextExpander keeps your snippets current on all your personal devices and allows you to share snippet groups with other TextExpander users, keeping all snippets current.

Share a group:

Manage sharing options by signing into your TextExpander.com account on the web.

  1. Open TextExpander.com to the Snippet Groups screen. You will see your list of groups. Click the Add Member button inline with that group.
  2. Enter the email addresses of those with whom you wish to share the group. They will receive an email invitation to join the group or make a TextExpander.com account if they don't have one.
  3. Once a group invite has been accepted you will get an email notification. Look in the Share tab of that group to see the members of the group and set their permissions. 
    • Admin: edit the group and its snippets, add and remove group members, set member permissions, delete the group.
    • Edit: edit the content of the group’s snippets.
    • Share: invite other people to the group.
    • Read-only: A group member with no permissions will be able to expand snippets, but not edit them in any way.

Delete a member from your group by clicking the Trashcan next to their name in the group’s Sharing tab.


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