Can I import my snippets and abbreviations from another text expansion software program? (Mac)

Yes, TextExpander can import from Textpander and TypeIt4Me, as well as from SpellCatcher shorthand files (exported in XML format). TextExpander can also import comma-separated (CSV) and tab-separated (TSV) files, including those exported from Typinator with TextExpander v6.5.6.

  1. Choose File > Add Group from File… from the menu.
  2. Find the snippet file that you want to import as a snippet group.
  3. Click Open.

Download version (6.5.6) here:

(Note: You can drag this version into your Applications folder which will overwrite the existing application. You can also rename it before dragging to have both versions on your computer. However, only one version can run at a time. Your snippets are safe in a different location and on the TextExpander server.)