Special Codes in Snippets

Mac / Windows / Chrome / iOS

These macros can be used when you enter them in the TextExpander web editor or in pre-TextExpander 6.5 Mac / 2.0 Windows versions.

Entering these macros in 6.5 Mac /2.0 Windows or higher  will present expansion of the actual code.

Other special codes which can be used in TextExpander: (other than the date and time macros listed here)

%clipboard = insert clipboard text contents here (note: you can get the effect of “Paste and Match Style” by creating a “Plain Text” snippet with just “%clipboard” as its contents, with something like “ppp” as the abbreviation)

%| = % + (Shift+) the pipe is used to position the cursor at that location once a snippet is expanded
%\ = select a range of text upon snippet expansion. The text must be surrounded by %| at the beginning and %\ at the end.

%% = expand a single percent character (“escape” the percent sign from being treated as a macro code)

%snippet:<snippet abbreviation>% = embed the specified snippet’s expansion within this one

Fill-in fields (see TextExpander help for details):
%filltext:name=<field name>% = single-line fill-in field
%fillarea:name=<area name>% = multi-line fill-in field
%fillpopup:[default=]<value>:<value>:<value>[…]% = popup menu
%fillpart%<content of optional section>%fillpartend% = optional section – check the box to include when expanded

Mac / Windows / Chrome

Have TextExpander press some arrow keys after the expansion is inserted (must appear at the end of the snippet text):
%> = cursor right
%< = cursor left
%^ = cursor up
%v = (letter v) cursor down

If you use a delimiter to trigger expansion, override the keep or abandon delimiter for a specific snippet by adding one of these codes at the end of the snippet text:
%+ = keep delimiter
%- = abandon delimiter