How Do I Use URL Shortening Snippets?

TextExpander offers a predefined group called Internet Productivity among our Public Groups. These snippets shorten URLs automatically using services like and TinyURL. requires an account and these snippets only work on macOS. There is also a snippet to validate a URL.

  1. Subscribe to the Internet Productivity Public Group.
  2. To use one of these URL shortening snippets, copy a URL like:
  3. Type the snippet abbreviation, either /bitly or /tinyurl.
  4. A shortened URL will expand, like:

The URL validating snippet will test any URL copied to the clipboard to check that is works. To use it:

  1. Copy a URL.
  2. Type the validating snippet abbreviation, /testurl.
  3. If the URL expands as is, it works. If it expands with “XX” at the start, it is not a valid URL.