User Guide: Using TextExpander for iPhone and iPad



With TextExpander for iPhone and iPad you can:

  • create a library of frequently-used short abbreviations that expand into long snippets of text
  • save time composing emails, tweets, or other notes by using your snippet abbreviations
  • expand snippets in any app using the TextExpander custom keyboard

Type a snippet abbreviation into the notes screen of TextExpander for iPhone and iPad and watch it expand.

Expand advanced snippets directly in any TextExpander-enhanced app. See a complete list of TextExpander-enhanced apps for iPhone, iPhone touch and iPad.


Setting Up the Keyboard

TextExpander has two elements. An app for creating, editing, syncing, and expanding snippets and a custom keyboard for expanding snippets in any app. Once the TextExpander app is installed, setup the keyboard.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Choose General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > TextExpander (under Third-Party Keyboards).
  3. Switch on one of the supported languages. Once the keyboard has been added, tap on it and switch on Allow Full Access. Allow Full Access is necessary for the snippets to expand.
  4. Tap into the keyboard of any app.
  5. Tap the globe key in the lower left to switch to the TextExpander keyboard.
    Switch the Smile keyboard

To adjust settings like key clicks and auto-correction use the app Settings.

For more information on what switching on Allow Full Access means for the custom keyboard, check out our Privacy Policy.


Getting Around the App

Navigate between the two main views of TextExpander, Groups and Notes, using the buttons in the menu bar or by swiping right. Tap on a group to open it, swipe to the right or tap the back arrow to exit.

View a list of your snippet groups. Search on a snippet. Tap on a group to see its snippets. There are a couple of buttons in the toolbar and menu bar.

  • Settings gear: access app Settings
  • Help ? : access the Help and other resources (iPhone/iPod touch only)
  • + : add a group or import a new group via URL, one of TextExpander’s optional predefined snippet groups, or from a Mac, iPhone, or iPad on the local wifi network
  • Edit: delete a group or reorder them
  • Info (inline with the group name): rename, turn on “Ignore in iOS” to prevent the group’s snippets from expanding, duplicate or copy the group, or share the group with another Mac, iPhone, or iPad on the local wifi network

Tap into a snippet group and there are new buttons.

  • + : add a new snippet
  • Edit: delete a snippet
  • Action action: open the sharing menu to copy the snippet contents to the clipboard, or send the contents of the snippet to a new email, message, tweet, or AirPrint printer (iPhone/iPod touch only).
    For iPad, tap on the snippet to see the Action action button in the toolbar.

A quickly accessible text area to test and expand snippets, compose notes, emails, tweets, etc. There are a couple of buttons in the toolbar and menu bar.

  • Action action: open the sharing menu to copy the text of a note to a new email, message, tweet, or the clipboard.
  • File Drawer files: view a list of notes. Tap “Edit” to delete a note, or + to create a new note (iPhone/iPod touch only)
  • Erase erase: delete the current note
  • Edit: edit the current note (iPhone/iPod touch only)


System Requirements

Version 4 requires iOS 9 and later.



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