Sorting and Searching


Groups are sorted alphabetically.

Snippets can be reordered in their groups alphabetically by abbreviation, content, label, or date modified. They can be reordered in an ascending or descending manner. To reorder snippets:

  1. Look in the lower left corner of the TextExpander window and click on the Cog button. If on an iPad or iPhone open the Settings and look for “Snippet Sort.”
  2. Select one of the Sort By options.


You can also find snippets easily using the Search box in the toolbar, which allows you to search for snippets in the TextExpander window. Just type in a few letters contained in the snippet, abbreviation, or label you are looking for. Only snippets containing those letters are shown. If you type more than one word, the search looks for snippets where the content or label contains all of the words in any order. To search for words in an exact order, surround the search in quotation marks.

To see all groups and snippets again you must clear the Search box.