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What is Paddle?

Paddle is the commerce platform we use to manage the subscription and billing of TextExpander. Although Paddle processes customers’ credit and debit card purchases on behalf of Smile, you can contact us directly for any issues related to your account or billing.

Do I have admin privileges in my TextExpander for Windows account?

Installing TextExpander for Windows requires administrator privileges. This is to ensure that we are able to provide the best possible experience to the largest number of users, including more reliable expansion, support for more applications, and the display of fill-in windows above full-screen Metro/Modern/Store apps. To check if you have administrator privileges on your Windows…

What Does “No Index File” and “Failed to Load Settings” Mean?

When TextExpander is failing to launch on macOS, you see error messages such as “No index file” or “Failed to load settings”. This sometimes happens when the TextExpander settings have been moved or damaged. To fix this, follow these steps: ​1. Shut down TextExpander2. Click on the Finder3. Click the Go menu in the Finder…

Why Am I Getting an Update Error! Message?

If you try to update TextExpander and get an error message saying: “TextExpander can’t be updated when it’s running from a read-only volume…”, it’s likely because of a security measure in macOS called translocation.  Translocation can happen when you use an application other than macOS Finder—for example, Hazel, LaunchBar, or Path Finder—to move TextExpander into…